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4 Ways to Make Meetings Actually Worthwhile

4 Ways to Make Meetings Actually Worthwhile Meetings. Ugh. The dreaded time suck of work life. Everyone complains about them, yet very few of us do anything to make them better. In fact, fruchtwein of us are complicit in maintaining the status quo. Were bystanders, quietly allowing long, tedious, pointless meetings to perpetuate. Sure, there are some widely known recommendations for improving meetings e.g., set an agenda, start on time, invite the right people, hold standing meetings (where participants are more likely to hustle through their material). However, these are simply bandaids. While experts in time management and leadership skills spin their wheels offering advice to cure the common meeting, Id like to propose that we look at the root cause communication.I believe communication skills and practices are key to organizational effectiveness, and most definitely to the (in)effectiveness o f meetings. What are meetings if elend a venue for people with common interests and issues to come out of their metaphorical cubbies and gather to communicate? Meetings are the purest and most ubiquitous venue for communicating face to face about business matters.That said, what can be done to improve meeting communications? I recommend four strategies to help break the cycle of monotony, mediocrity and misery in meetings1. Articulate Your Desired OutcomeThis is different from setting an agenda, which you should do also. This is also more definitive than stating a purpose. Articulating your desired outcome is the context- and expectation-setting that most meetings lack. It is stating in the first 10-30 seconds (or less, ideally) exactly what you want to happen by the end of the meeting. For example, By the end of this meeting, I would like to get everyone up to speed, come to a consensus or decision, get approval, confirm next-step assignments, etc.Articulating your desired outco me is not a reansicht of the topic of the meeting, its a directive or call to action. I call it a focal point. Its something you state at the very beginning of the meeting, reinforce in the wrap-up, and utilize throughout to dial back the inevitable digressions and diversions.2. Include Only Necessary DetailFrom where I sit, the cancer that eats away at an otherwise healthy meeting is too much information, too much detail. There are lots of reasons for this, not the least of which is the presence of participants who feel the need to prove their competence or worth by sharing everything they know. However, too much detail isinefficient and, frankly, not at all helpful unless the info is packaged inside of a point.Simply put, a point would be a summary statement that captures the importance, significance, or value of the info. Detail on its own is not memorable or meaningful. It requires packaging inside of a point in order for other people to understandand retain it.Communicating eff ectively is all about prioritizing, and this is especially essential in a meeting when participants are contributing the scarce resources of their time and attention. Consider that prioritization implies a hierarchy. If youpicture a pyramid, then what were talking about is putting your point at the top of the pyramid with the detail underneath, appearing in descending order of importance. That way, you know to deliver the most important pieces first and maybe only.3. Be Prepared or Call It OffLets face it People come unprepared to meetings, which is not helpful. A room full of people who plan to wing it for an hour or more? Thats not very nice,nor is it very effective.Communication isnt like breathing, i.e., it just happens. It requires preparation in order to be useful. Preparation shows respect for your work, your organization, and your colleagues. If youre the meeting leader, you want to have an agenda prepared, and you want to know your focal point. What is your directive or c all to action? If youre a meeting participant, prepare your point/detail hierarchy ahead if you know youre on the agenda. If youre not sure youll be speaking, you should still be prepared with succinct questions you might want to ask or with a brief statement on your area of responsibility.If you find that you or other participants are not prepared, reschedule the meeting. If you find that people are meandering or processing out loud in the meeting because they didnt prepare ahead, then cut the meeting short. This is not punishment its an acknowledgment of reality and perhaps a little bit of behavior modification.4. Set Organizational StandardsNot just for internal meetings, but for external meetings as well. Ive had several clients come to me for communication skills training because they want their teams to be sharp in new business presentations. They jump right on board as soon as I raise the question, Well, what about regular meetings? Dont you want your people to give clients a good experience in regular meetings, too?A starter set of standards would begin with principles like always being prepared, containing detail, and articulating a desired outcome. Those alone would raise the level of meeting effectiveness simply by not letting people ramble.Communication is the currency of success. Its how we get things done. Its how we achieve goals. Meetings are meant to provide a venue for collaboration and communication so that things get done and goals are achieved. Im an evangelist for better communication skills in any setting, but theres no question that unternehmensverbund ourselves and others accountable for better communication skills in meetings would go a long way toward curing the common meeting.Beth Noymer Levine is the Pprincipal of SmartMouth Communications and author of Jock Talk 5 Communication Principles for Leaders as Exemplified by Legends of the Sports World.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Resume Presentation is Key

Resume Presentation is Key Resume Presentation is Key When a resume looks almost exactly the saatkorn as the one before it and the one before that etc. they tend to be overlooked regardless of the keywords. The majority of resumes sent to potential employers, employment agencies and recruitment agencies by jobseekers tend to be a word document resume and all of them are very close in structure and format.Lets put it this wayYou are the marketer and sales agent for yourself, your skills and work experience. This means that you need to sell yourself and your skills to a potential employer in a better way than the competition for any pspeciesicular job position being offered.In much the same way that an advertising company has to sell their services by impressing the potential client with a presentation that will get their attention, so must a resume do the same thing.The first impression and presentation is the key to getting a potential employer to then look for keywords and go on t o look at skill sets and experience. Times have changed There are more people applying to every job offer than ever before. Employers are receiving 100s if not thousands of resumes for every job posting they advertise. Finding a way to present yourself with your resume which will get the potential employers attention is the first step in getting that all important interview.In order to be a step ahead of most everyone else, the text document resume evolved into a Bio Resume. The Bio Resume offered a glimpse into a persons character and personality as well as showcasing their skills and experience. unterstellung bio resumes have worked very well for those using this format.To build a resume that will get you noticed there are a few things that need to be considered.Be creative in the look, format, layout and presentation of your resume. Remember, your presentation, if done properly, will get the potential employers attentionTake a close look at the job being offered and the company o ffering the positionBreakdown the job posting and pick keywords used in that posting for use in your resumeWrite your career objective in a way that emulates the companies business model that you are applying toIn your Career Skills and Employment History sections, make sure you show bottom lines numbers that show you helped grow the business of your previous employers and the ideas or projects you implemented that were successful in helping the growth of the companyResumes should not be self promotions but instead, showcases of what you can bring to the company you are applying to. But that is a subject for another article.These 5 factors will make your resume shine and give you the competitive edge.Master the art of closing deals and making placements. Take our Recruiter Certification Program today. Were SHRM certified. Learn at your own pace during this 12-week program. Access over 20 courses. Great for those who want to break into recruiting, or recruiters who want to further th eir career.

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Mets pitcher Matt Harvey was suspended for being late and partying. Dont do that.

Mets pitcher Matt Harvey was suspended for being late and partying. Dont do that.Mets pitcher Matt Harvey was suspended for being late and partying. Dont do that.New York Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey learned a hard lesson when he showed up to work on Sunday. The day before, Harveyhad called in sick, saying he had amigraine.But the Mets werent buying it.Team spokesman Jay Horwitz said Harvey didnt follow team protocol by communicating his medical complaintto one of their trainers. That Saturday evening, the Metssent two security officials to check in on Harvey at his Manhattan apartment. Whatever those security officials saw wasnt convincing. It didnt help that a variety of New York publications filled in the gaps on where Harvey was Fridaynight,throwing back a triple play of top-shelf booze at a nightclub, according to Page Six.On Sunday, the day Harvey was supposed to start against the Marlins, Harvey found out the Mets weregiving him a three-day suspension costing Harvey $84,0 16.39 - or three games worth of pay - for a violation of clubhouse rules.Anybody in that room that misses a day and nobody knows about it, we got to do the saatkorn thing, Collins said about the Mets decision to bench their formerace.Although there were reports that Harvey was going to file a grievanceand challenge the Mets decision, he changed his tune by Tuesday. Obviously, Im extremely embarrassed by my actions, Harvey said in his public mea culpa on Tuesday.Yes, I was out on Friday night, past curfew. I did play golf Saturday morning, and I put myself in a bad place to be ready to show up for a ballgame.Why timeliness mattersYes, Saturday wasnt the day of Harveys scheduled start, but showing up to support your teammates is critical in baseball. To replace Harvey, the Mets flew in Adam Wilk, a minor league pitcher from Las Vegas who hadnt seen the majors in two years. By doing so, the Mets were making a public statement about the kind of clubhouse culture they were enforcing te amwork and work ethic beingmore important than status.And yes, replacement pitcher Wilk cost the Mets a 7-0 loss, but at least he showed up to work.Thats the takeaway from this incident for those of us who arent professional athletes. Your lateness or absence has consequences to the company and your colleagues.In Harveys case, his absence implicitly signals bad cultural values he implies hes too good for this game by not showing up - something legendary coach Geno Auriemma looks for - and that hes not taking the game seriously.With Harveys seniority on the team, his actions become a toxic message that may affect how rookie players think about the team.What to do when youre lateSometimes being late is out of your hands and thats ok. When it happens, explainhow youll prevent this onetime incident from becoming a habit. If you look at the clock and look at where your ride is notand groan, let your boss know whats up.If personal family issues are preventing you from showing up to work on time, explain the issue to your co-workers and your boss. As New York Magazine advises a single mother consistently showing up late to work due to a sons behavioral issues Tell them that youre committed to ensuring that they wont need to cut you any slack the rest of the time, because youre going to be On It.Do all this and you can accomplish what amillion-dollar athlete could not the ability to takeresponsibility for your actions.

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The powerful lesson my dad taught me without even trying

The powerful lesson my dad taught me without even tryingThe powerful lesson my dad taught me without even tryingHave you wondered what makes you who you are? I have. Here is my story.I had wanted to write this for long, never knew how it would fall out. That is the risk of writing about sohonigweinhing close to your heart. Here we go.What my deeply intuitive dad naturally didMy first 10 grades of school had one wild card everyday - an unpredictable railway gate that stood in my way to school. It was more often closed than open in the city of Madras (now called Chennai, India). Adding to my commute, I lived farther than 99% of my classmates.Suffice to say, the time between my moms morning good bye and the welcoming aroma of her food when I returned was longer than most. Yet, I always felt blessed that my parents, like many middle class parents of their generation, found a way to prioritize my education above everything else.At that cusp of 11th grade, my dad surprised me. We moved cl oser to school. That change brought a glimmer of opportunity.I could amplify the new found closeness to school to pursue a dream - two year prep for engineering admission exams. There was one big problem. The class for physics started the very next day.Could you have a conversation with Balu sir? I asked my dad. I missed the window - students swarmed Balu sirs home on the day of 10th grade result announcement, mid summer. His classes always overflowed with IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) aspirants. Balu sir, was the miracle professor at a local college who coached students for competitive IIT Joint Entrance Exam. His gift to generations of Chennai teenagers- he made Physics seem effortless.That evening, my dad and I landed at his home. We were far from the only one. Parents were waiting at his verandah - a front porch enclosure with grills in place of walls and a raised platform for seating along the sides.As Balu sir returned from work, parents made a beeline with their kid s to speak with him. I wanted us to join the line and egged my father by pulling his hand. He gave that deep, understanding smile of his and motioned me to sit. The best way to describe my dad - a man of few words, loads of smile and far away from the limelight.I knew I was shooting for the moon - I saw hordes of parents walk back with crestfallen looks.The crowd slowly dissipated, Balu sir came our way. How can I help? he asked. My dad replied, please have your dinner first, we will be here. That surprised Balu sir. He did return after his dinner. In the calmness of the night and after a very short conversation, I got the nod to join the class the next day.On my ride back, I was literally jumping up and down - yperit in my reverie.Let me explain why. Narayana Murthy (former CEO of Infosys), a middle class hero made headlines when he said that Stanford was backup for his kids in case they did not get an IIT admission. Those tough entrance exams were low odd outcomes.The positive nod from Balu Sir that day had lower probability odds than a getting a rank in IIT entrance exam especially after I had missed the early window. And my dad made it happen. I was gushing.For the full ride back home, all my dad did was smile - that deep smile of his. The full import of that smile, I never fully understood then- I was consumed by my good luck. I can now relate as a parent.From a parents prism lessons in entrepreneurshipMy dad had a choice to shape the narrative that day. He could have shaped it like many other parents.They came at the right hour and the right place, made a beeline to make a case for their child. And left disappointed. My dad chose a different narrative that goes beyond Jack Dorseys famous advice to entrepreneurs - meet the customer where they are. Jack did that with Square. Small business owners on the road needed an easy way to collect payments. One equipment they carried with him was their cell phones. Connecting the dots, Square was born.My dad d id that and more. He met the customer at their frame of mind.With the words, please have your dinner first, he brought human connectivity center stage - a priority for the person over the task at hand. He understood the human ethos better than most - yours truly included.In business, a sales close is treasured. My dad, a deeply introverted man, made one of the lowest odds close and that too for his son No drama, no bombastic words, no objection handling, just a smile with tinge of pride - for his role in his childs happiness.It is one thing to be successful and provide for your family. It is quite another to open a door for your child, show him how the world could work when the odds were against you without preaching one word.I was blind. Now, I see True reflectionsWe all become who we are without knowing the power of small acts that shaped us. A miracle of tender moments I never fully understood until a child I grew up to become a parent.There was a time I craved to stand on my own. My well-meaning aunts (my fathers sisters) often shared, you have an uncanny resemblance to your dad. I did little things to look different - he left his shirt un-tucked and I tucked it in. Now, I summon my memories and I cling on to many - the one that floats above all - spoke so little yet shared so much, in his acts through his smile - genuine, embracing and above all unbridled.My dad was comfortable being lost in the crowd and was equally at ease in charting his own narrative. He soothed my world with his work ethic. He made me believe miracles are possible with dint of a warm smile.When my four-year-old daughter had difficulty opening a box, she asked for my help. When I helped her with the simple act, she was thrilled and thanked me. All I did was smile.Now, I feel the gravitas of my dads impact.Who he was, I became. My dad, my hero, I miss you.This article appeared on Thrive Global.

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The Budget Is In. Heres Where the Feds Will Be Hiring.

The Budget Is In. Heres Where the Feds Will Be Hiring.The Budget Is In. Heres Where the Feds Will Be Hiring.The Budget Is In. Heres Where the Feds Will Be Hiring. By Kathryn Troutman President, The Resume Place, Inc. Federal Career CoachDirector, Ten Steps to a Federal Job Certification ProgramFebruary 20, 2018Like so many presidents before him, Donald Trump has promised to streamline government, in part by trimming the federal workforce. But there are good reasons to believe that Uncle Sam will continue to create great jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans each yearIn his 2019 budget, the president calls for funding increases in Defense, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, and Commerce that will raise headcounts.For the remainder of the year after the 90-day hiring freeze last winter, the government hired at about the same rate as in 2016 and 2015 under President Barack Obama.More than one-quarter of federal workers nearly 550,000 of them are 55 or older, the Office of P ersonnel Management reported in September. Tens of thousands of ansicht baby boomers will retire each year.New innovations for recruiting and re-skilling of future federal workforce The presidents budget even calls for a pool of $50 million to develop innovations in recruiting, retention and re-skilling for the future federal workforce.Where the federal jobs will beNow lets dig in and learn where the jobs will be in the fiscal year that begins this July 1.For Defense, the president is asking for a 14 percent increase over fiscal year 2017, to boost troop levels, add battleships and modernize equipment.For Homeland Security, the proposed hike is $3.6 billion, to continue hiring border agents, among other priorities.For Veterans Affairs, an $8.7 billion bump would help in the recruitment of medical personnel.For Commerce, a 6.1 percent increase would in part be allocated to hire staff and managers for the 2020 census.Cutting budgets for some agenciesOn the flip side, Trump wants to cu t the budgets of ansicht agencies and departments State, EPA, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Small Business Administration, Army Corps of Engineers, Labor, Agriculture and Transportation.But even as their headcounts are reduced, these entities likely will do some hiring competition for these vacancies will be intense.Modernizing federal employmentThe president also would like to change the terms of federal employment to better align with the needs of a 21st century government. For one, he proposes to implement performance-based pay for employees in mission-critical operations.And where jobs are cut, current employees can shift from legacy positions into emerging fields in which the government faces shortages, including data analysis, cybersecurity and other IT disciplines, the budget states.In departments where there are critical personnel shortages, the administration would implement expedited hiring, as it is already doing at Veterans Affairs.But whether youre seeking a federal career, or youre a federal employee looking to move up to a higher grade level, you should expect to meet tough competition and be prepared to excel in the federal application process.Tips for clearing the hurdles to your federal jobUnlike a private-sector resume, your federal resume must be very detailed, and probably three to five pages long. In the resume, your skills must be expressed using keywords that match the one year specialized experience described in the job posting on You must also include professional accomplishments that prove your specialized experience and KSAs knowledge, skills and abilities.Does the federal application process sound daunting?With the right information, you can succeed with a thorough and systematic approach.Check out our book Federal Resume GuidebookORGET HELP WITH YOUR FEDERAL RESUMEGET A FEDERAL RESUME QUOTEDespite Trumps promise throughout the campaign and the opening weeks of his administration to drasti cally reduce the federal workforce, and a memorandum calling on all agencies to develop plans to immediately shed employees, the president has made less progress to that end than many of his recent predecessors. Presidents Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Clinton all cut more civil servants during their their first year in office than Trump did. Federal agencies in both President George W. Bush and Obamas first years in office beefed up their staffs, adding nearly 125,000 jobs in Obamas first year.

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This is the big problem with being friends with your coworkers

This is the big problem with being friends with your coworkersThis is the big problem with being friends with your coworkersABC Familys The Bold Type is a series about three super millennial best friends working at a magazine (inspired by Cosmopolitan) that will be starting its second season later this month. Though Jane, Kat, and Sutton all have different jobs and work in different departments (editorial, social media, and fashion) they are all still coworkers at a fairly small-staffed magazine.Now, these are the kind of friends that live together (Jane and Sutton do), begrudgingly workout together, participate in peaceful protests together and even as we saw in the Season 2 trailer, pick each other up at the airport. I didnt even think people knew they could still do that. However, there is a good chance they also have to work together given the nature of their jobs, especially Jane and Kat.Work friendships can be amazing and even beneficial to collaboration and productivity, howev er, they can also be quite awkward and even detrimental according to research highlighted byMelissa Dahlin The New York Times. Dahl is the editor of New Yorkmagazines Science of Us, and the author ofCringeworthy A Theory of Awkwardness.Work friendships are just trickierDahl explains that most of us would go above and beyond for our friends (and the airport is definitely beyond) in our personal lives but at work that is a lot trickier. You cant always go out on a limb for your coworker just because they are your friend and what if this friend isnt pulling their weight at work and leaving you to pick up the slack?Dr. Methot whopublisheda study in Personnel Psychologyon work friendships or multiplex relationships as she labels them told Dahl, Youre kind of pulled in these two different directions. Do I behave professionally, or do I try to continue to maintain or invest in this friendship?Another big problem with workplace friendships that causes major issues is that people stop commun icating what they want or expect because they believe this so-called close friend will just automatically know what they want.Methot advises people to remember they are coworkers first and friends and they should keep this in mind even when they are in social settings with this person.

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The War Against Medical Biller Resume

The War Against Medical Biller Resume The Advantages of Medical Biller Resume Some resumes are reviewed by many diverse employers and dont give them with the information that they are hunting for. When designing your resume, its essential to notlagee that where the info is put on the page is at least as essential as the information itself. Make sure you receive the info youre looking for. You have to offer relevant, concise details. The Meaning of Medical Biller Resume Including activities and interests might be great means to bring some personality to your resume. Achievements will cause you to stand out. Chronological resumes is going to be the best place to highlight your achievements. The Little-Known Secrets to Medical Biller Resume A basic resume template has become the most fundamental version or assortment of a resume template that could get utilised to produce resumes for any work position. Besides your own name, your principal subject of experience must be larg e, bold, and close to the top layer of the page. Resume examples will reveal to you just what type of information is necessary and the format it is necessary in. Take a look at free resume examples on the net and you will observe that headings ought to be the exact saatkorn all throughout. Youre also able to article questions about the business and ought to locate a speedy answer from the remainder of the on-line members. There are a lot of ways resume examples can turn into a helpful job interview tool. The key to locating a great man is attention Its quick and simple to use and provides a score and suggestions on ways to enhance your resume. Nearly all employers still request a resume when applying for work. Soon, you might have an all-star resume that attracts a possible employer Most employers are extraordinarily picky when it regards the choice of employees for a work opening. Prospective employers are aware of what they want and it might or might not be you. Next up is Joe, that has been a medical billing professional for around 10 decades. Its possible to apply on the internet by clicking on the job title youre. Voluntary work may also be included here. The work of one is based on the work of the other and so neither can do the job effectively by themselves. Want to Know More About Medical Biller Resume? Although theres a difference between medical billing clerks and healthcare coders, the jobs are often combined because of the similarity of the necessary expertise. Doctors should be clear about the particular field they work in. Medical billing and coding salaries have a tendency to be high in comparison to those of other wellness care administrators on account of the industry-wide demand for their abilities. Changing jobs could be an unsettling encounter. Ok, done now youve got your keywords and phrases Many times theres a particular format which is required and if you dont refer to resume examples then you may not know that requirement in any respect. Speaking of sections, it is going to be significant that you just keep consistency in typing headings. Make an attempt to learn the acceptable expressions and spellings. You will use somebody elses work and youll also probably not be presenting yourself in the very best light possible for the job. Nobody should be more at a career for each one of the erroneous aspects. When drafting your resume, you might discover that it helps to have a completed example before you. Choosing Medical Biller Resume If you are only starting in the business, you may use an entry-level medical resume. Others are somewhat more complicated and might call for specialized knowledge or research. Professionally, our resumes are frequently the 1st impression a potential company gets of us. Even though most of resumes should offer advice in your work and education experience, along with your abilities and achievements, there are various strategies to deliver this info. The Basics of Medical Biller Resume Anyone wishing to carry out the function of a health billing specialist must be prepared to work in the health care field, in addition to be ready to work routinely, day in and day out. It is also feasible to make a diploma in medical coding, which is an excellent alternative for those who have a bachelors degree in a related field, like a branch information technology. If you work in a big facility like a hospital, you might be assigned to bill and code patient charts in a particular department. A basic understanding of medicine and anatomy is required for some assignments. The Foolproof Medical Biller Resume Strategy Medical billing and coding professionals work at the administrative wing of the healthcare market. Medical Billing Specialists play a significant part in health care facilities since they will need to be certain that claims are accepted by medical insurance businesses and payments are being released. Medical billers are liab le for the billing and payment sides of health practice and are thus a vital portion of the medical market. They prepare invoices and manage the collection of payment from insurance companies. The Start of Medical Biller Resume There are many locations where you might acquire good resume examples. Employers who wish to engage a medical biller generally start looking for particular varieties of skills. An internet search will offer other medical resume samples that may be employed to generate ideas. Have a look at free Resume Examples For Medical Jobs examples online and youll observe that headings have to be the exact same all all through. The Argument About Medical Biller Resume A resume cover letter should be composed within a captivating easy to comprehend arrangement. In reality, triple check everything a resume ought to be given the same quantity of attention for a wedding invitation Rather ensure it is sort of letter that isnt hard to browse and discover out. It is going to be potential that you pull on a pay letter off the web. The 5-Minute Rule for Medical Biller Resume Sometimes its absolute best to provide time to acquire on the newness and after that select in the event the occupation is most suitable for you. Its possible to demonstrate these employers your abilities by simply using resume samples that will help you better your own resumes. Inexperienced medical applicants may want to devote an objective next. As well make sure that you tailor the document to the job which youre applying for.